Measured Words (May 2019)

Diamond Bay Radio : 2019-05-15


On Measured Words: Computation and Writing in Renaissance Italy

A conversation with Arielle Saiber, Professor of Romance Languages at Bowdoin College.

Interview host: Lex Berman.

Recorded online with Zencaster, on 8th May, 2019.

In this podcast, Arielle Saiber, discusses her award-winning book Measured Words

Covering topics that range from hallucinatory landscapes to Dante’s primum mobile, our conversation touched on the quest for harmony between the computational aspects of math and the physical aspects of writing, printing, and typography. Based on the lives of four scholars who lived during the Italian Renaissance, we explore their use of symbols and codes, their modes of teaching and expression, and the interdisciplinary nature of their work.

photo: Saint Cornelius depicted in stained-glass, cloister of Mariawald Abbey (about 1520 - 1521) src

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