Japanese Rocketry with Subo Wijeyeratne (Jul 2020)

Diamond Bay Radio : 2020-07-22

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Subo Wijeyeratne interviewed by Lex Berman.

Subo Wijeyeratne recently completed his PhD in the History of Science (Harvard).

Find out about Doctor Rocket and robotics-feuled space science in Japan. Subo also talks about his fiction, including an anthology of short stories, Tales from the Stone Lotus, and a draft of his novel, Triangulum.

On Science Fiction, Subo remarks: “What I find really insteresting about sci fi, especially in Japan’s case, is that often a country and it’s writers will work through their national neuroses in these imaginative spaces. And a lot of what comes through in Japanese science fiction is a deep concern about the dehumanizing effects of technology.”

Collage: Moon Rocket Red Tea + rocket at Tanegashima space center.

Recorded with Zencastr in Cambridge and Tokyo on 21st July, 2020.

Opening music clip: © Osamu Kitajima [喜多嶋 修], Tengu [天狗] from the album Benzaiten [弁才天] released in 1974.

Rocket transportation by carriage, src: Universe ニュース