Rogue Magazine with Ted White (Apr 2021)

Diamond Bay Radio : 2021-04-26

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On writing for Rogue Magazine

An interview with Ted White.

Lex Berman asks Ted White about his early career as a writer for Rogue Magazine. White’s first sale there was Riot at Newport.

White also discusses his piece on the beatnik riot of Washington Square, Balladeers and Billy Clubs, and the general scene around Greenwich Village and what it was like trying to make a living as a jazz critic in the early 1960s.

Recorded with Zoom from Cambridge, MA and Falls Church, VA on 12th April, 2021.

My eyes started to burn. We were on the fringe of a cloud of tear gas that the police had laid down in the center of Newport, where all these kids were “rioting.” When we drove up to Boston, around midnight, there were roadblocks. Police were letting people out, but they weren’t letting anybody in. It was like that.


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