The Invisible with Seb Doubinsky (Aug 2020)

Diamond Bay Radio : 2020-08-30

Listen to MP3 [42MB 47:13]

Sebastian Doubinksy interviewed by Lex Berman.

Touching on drugs, music, and the need to protect poets as the last bastion of freedom, Seb provides a thoughtful background to his novel The Invisible (Meerkat Press, 2020).

Take a stroll around New Babylon with the City Commissioner, Ratner, who finesses his way through the subcultures of Synth music, political corruption, and the invisible power of shared delusions. Ratner is out to find the murderer of Jesse Valentino, the former cop and unknown poet, unknown at home, and famous everywhere else.

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Recorded with Zencastr in Cambridge and Aarhus on 26th August, 2020.

Opening music clip: A Man Claiming to Be © Frederico Balducci, released May 7th, 2019.

“To protect freedom through culture.”


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