Terminal Boredom with Daniel Joseph (May 2021)

Diamond Bay Radio : 2019-04-26

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On Izumi Suzuki’s Terminal Boredom

An interview with Daniel Joseph.

Lex Berman interviews Daniel Joseph about Terminal Boredom the first anthology of Izumi Suzuki’s science fiction to appear in English.

The author, Izumi Suzuki, who committed suicide in 1986, had developed a career as a writer, using science fiction to project her own experience in fantastic landscapes and situations. Our conversation ranges from the quasi-utopian Women and Women where men, as inferior beings, are sequestered into the GETO, to The Old Seaside Club, where a surreal, slow-motion bar fight ends in meta-textual awareness.

Is it nihilism? Is it true love? Is it an altered consciousness critique of the mundane world? Yeah.

Recorded with Zencastr from Cambridge, MA and Brooklyn, NY on 21st May, 2021.

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